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    Under the slogan FUTURE.SIMPLE.BUILDING, the first house to be built with the innovative construction system BONO.BLOCK using the DIY principle is being developed in Dortmund-Eving. 

    The BONO.BLOCK system, which is pending patent approval throughout the EU, is based on a simple plug-in system made of wood that stores CO2 and is fully dismantlable and reusable. It is suitable for the construction of tiny houses as well as multi-story buildings. The first model house on the premises of the Resurrection Church in Dortmund-Eving will be a 70m², single-story building and will serve as an information center and meeting place.

    District Mayor Oliver Stens expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “I am delighted that we can write construction history in Eving. The BONO.BLOCK construction system impresses with its simplicity and the highest degree of flexibility. This is what we need in the future: buildings that can be quickly and easily erected by oneself and are even dismantlable. Resource-efficient and affordable.”

    Dr. Uwe Wippich, community pastor of the Resurrection Church, emphasized the social and ecological benefits of the project: “This forward-looking construction method can make an ecological and social contribution to the construction turnaround. Alone in Germany, there are 700,000 missing homes. The trend is increasing. We are pleased to create a place of the future at the doors of our community with the model house.”

    Given the challenges in the construction industry, such as high complexity, costs, and the contribution to the greenhouse effect, the BONO.BLOCK system represents an innovative solution that enables efficient and resource-saving construction worldwide.

    Interested parties can support the project through a KICKSTARTER campaign and thus become part of the movement for simple and circular construction.