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From BONO.BLOCK to Home

The visualization shows the first building constructed with the BONO.BLOCK. It is being built in Dortmund, Germany.


Community-oriented construction is our top priority. That’s why we’ve decided to launch the innovative BONO.BLOCK building system with the support of our community. The Kickstarter campaign ran until March 29, 2024, and we sincerely thank everyone who backed the campaign.

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet the funding goal during the Kickstarter campaign, but we are convinced that we will realize the project this year. As a thank you the names of our kickstarter backers will be displayed on the website and/or inside the showroom, directly on the visible BONO.BLOCK wall elements.

Planned use

On a section of the property of the Resurrection Church in Dortmund-Eving, we are constructing a BONO.BLOCK showroom. This space will not only showcase the system itself but will also extensively and concretely present the further development steps to the public. The building is designed to be deconstructable. It is intended for community-oriented subsequent use.