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From BONO.BLOCK to Design

Our partners Studio Hammer Schwiderski, The Colony und KÜSSDENFROSCH could prevail in a competitive bidding process of the city of Dusseldorf for the “KTM 71” (Art meets Human) joint project, against more than 20 other applicants, to sustainably develop a roughly 1,500 m² corner plot in Dusseldorf Gerresheim, including creating artist studios, among other objectives. The goal of the project initiators is to explore new paths in construction, in ongoing operation, and through multi-functional, flexible use, in order to develop a beacon, a scalable blueprint for ecological, circular, and social building. They aim not only for at least climate-friendly construction and operation but are already oriented towards the urban climate we will face in 20–30 years.

The BONO.BLOCK as an essential wall system contributes significantly to the vision of being “2050-ready”: maximally future-proof and long-term resilient and profitable. As far as possible, only re-/upcycled or natural, or regrowing materials (wood, straw, recycled polymers, clay, wood wool, etc.) are used.

The core concern of the project is to develop affordable living space and social communities and to operate them in a long-term, sustainable, and user-oriented manner. A novel, subscription-based living and usage model will be realized, which includes all ancillary and consumption costs, thus offering maximum comfort and minimal risk for the future residents.