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Simple, sustainable, modular

The BONO.BLOCK invention has been filed for patent at the European Patent Office. Even and especially for development of a simple construction element and process, profound knowhow in architecture, structural engineering, and structural planning, as well as experience in the realization of construction projects, is required. All of this has been incorporated into the conception of the BONO.BLOCK.

The BONO.BLOCK is designed to consistently meet the requirements for a sustainable future through its simple design. It is eco- and climate-friendly, suitable for circular economy, made from natural, regenerative, healthy raw materials, and can be flexibly used according to the needs of people in different life situations and regions of the world.

so easy

The BONO.BLOCK is based on a simple plug-in system. It has a low dead weight and can be assembled into a wall in no time at all. This creates an interior space that can be flexibly filled with different insulation materials.

EU-patent pending

from the patent specifications (summary)

We aim to transform the way we build and to make a positive impact through construction.

Udo Greif, Architect and Creator BONO.BLOCK

“We create living spaces that harmonize with the sustainable development goals (SDG) and with nature. For the human well-being.

Alfons Schwiderski, Structural Engineer and Creator BONO.BLOCK

Our partners who share the vision of simple construction