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Building Today for a Better Tomorrow

Our goal is to construct in a manner that is both straightforward and environmentally conscious, crafting spaces of quality that are not just livable but actively preserve our natural resources and fortify communities.

The BONO.BLOCK stands as the foundation of forward-thinking construction: invariably simple, utilizing natural resources, accessible to all.

In collaboration with our partners, we engage in the development and realization of real estate ventures across the private, commercial, and public sectors, utilizing the BONO.BLOCK method of construction. As a versatile modular wall system, the BONO.BLOCK is suitable for the construction of both tiny houses and multi-storey buildings.


Our vision is for sustainable and simple building practices to become the norm, guaranteeing every individual access to eco-friendly, affordable, and high-quality living spaces.


Our mission is to actively reduce the ecological footprint within the construction industry while at the same time creating communities that a both livable and inclusive.


We contribute with many decades of experience and know-how reaching from project management to realization, from entrepreneurship to business growth.”

Alfons Schwiderski

BONO.BLOCK Inventor | Civil Engineer

„Housing is recognized as a human right in the UN Social Covenant. My vision for the BONO.BLOCK is to provide affordable and suitable housing for countless people across the globe. Every person is entitled to a home that ensures security, comfort and dignity. Thanks to its versatility, the BONO.BLOCK can be quickly and flexibly manufactured, transported and assembled using a variety of local raw materials.“

Christiane Thiele

Business Development

„With the BONO.BLOCK, we are doing more than just addressing critical construction needs, we’re creating healthy living spaces through simple, sustainable, and modular construction methods. Environmental protection and efficiency are seamlessly integrated to forge a brighter future for everyone. It excites me to bring our vision to life more and more with each project and to inspire people worldwide for our mission.“   

Udo Greif

BONO.BLOCK Inventor | Architect
Project Management

„I look forward to the wide range of BONO.BLOCK projects that lie ahead. ‘Simple building’ embodies not just the practicality and accessibility of prefabricated, modular elements and the commitment to environmental sustainability and top-tier circular economy. Moreover, it stands for elegant and ambitious designs. We’re proving that modular construction can be as individual and unique as the people who live within.“