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To all backers

    a big THANK YOU!

    It has been an exciting journey for us so far: from the first sketch of a novel construction process to our first campaign! As builders and inventors of the BONO.BLOCK, we don’t have much experience with marketing or community work. Nevertheless, it was an exciting and thrilling experience for us to have launched the campaign, and we are proud of the success – even though we havn’t reached the funding goal.

    We sincerely thank all of you backers who have supported us so generously. We celebrated every contribution, you can believe us 😉

    Promoting simple, sustainable, modular building is our life’s dream, our passion. The BONO.BLOCK has grown from this. Now, at this milestone, we certainly won’t give up but will continue to do everything we can to bring our BONO.BLOCK to market readiness, to give as many people as possible living space and thereby happiness in life. For the project in Dortmund, we are now looking for alternative financing options and expect that we will be able to realize the construction project this year. We will name all backers of the campaign inside the building on the BONO.BLOCK walls.

    Thank you! Alfons & the BONO.BLOCK team