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Be part of building transformation: first BONO.BLOCK house in Dortmund, Germany

    BUILD.FUTURE.SIMPLE, this is the motto for the first BONO.BLOCK building, a BONO.BLOCK showroom, being created in Dortmund Eving. It will be constructed with the new BONO.BLOCK building system based on the DIY principle. The inventors of this modular and sustainable construction method, which is patent-protected throughout the EU, are two Dortmund locals: the architect Udo Greif and the structural engineer and structural planner Alfons Schwiderski. Construction of the project on a vacant plot of land owned by the Evangelical Resurrection Church is expected to begin in 2024.

    Simple construction

    The BONO.BLOCK is a building element and system that significantly simplifies the construction of walls with an easy plug-in system. It is made from wood, can be produced in a climate-neutral manner, stores CO2 over the long term, and is deconstructable and reusable. Modular in design, each element is lightweight and can be used by anyone for DIY construction. The BONO.BLOCK is hollow inside, allowing for flexible insulation material choices. For the model building, a novel method with an excellent ecological balance and insulation effect is used: shredded straw is blown into the cavity and compressed.

    From Dortmund to the world

    The BONO.BLOCK can be used in Dortmund, in Germany, and around the world for quick and resource-saving construction. The system allows for the use of a variety of natural resources as well as recycled materials and can adapt to regional specifics.